Noon and Night III silk scarf

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Noon and Night III silk scarf

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This long scarf with a blue cloud pattern along its length has a secret... it's double ended! Drape it one way, and you have a blue scarf with red flowers at the end. Change the way you put it around your neck, and it's a blue scarf with yellow flowers! It's also long enough to use as a stole so both dramatic ends can be displayed over your arms or shoulders. Best of all, it's the only scarf made in this particular pattern! No-one else will have the same scarf as you. The design was hand painted directly on the silk, and no stencils or pre-made patterns were used in its creation. The lustrous, soft material is pure silk and when it touches your skin, it's supremely smooth and feels so sensuous, it's hard to resist touching it over and over again.

One-of-a-kind hand painted scarf, not a printed fabric

Long scarf, 45 x 180 cm (17 x 70 inches approx)

100% silk

Hand wash in cool water with mild soap - no drycleaning required

Ships in a gift box tied with ribbon

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